Protein Smoothie


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  • With natural fruit juices!
  • No added sugar!
  • 26 g protein per serving!

    SCITEC NUTRITION® has combined it’s well-known expertise in amazing taste creation, highest quality ingredients and its dedication to innovation resulting in a drink that is not only delicious, low in fat and has zero added carbohydrates*, but supplies your body with 26 g of high-quality whey protein – a complete biological value protein – to support your muscles after sports activities, or just to give you a great-tasting option to start your day with. This protein can contribute to the maintenance or growth of muscles and also to the maintenance of normal bones!

    *All carbohydrates, sugars from fruit juices, no added carbohydrates, sugars!

    Only with natural flavorings!
    Shake well before use! Consume any time you need protein, especially after exercise.
    Storage conditions
    Store in a cool, dry place. Heat and sunlight may damage the bottle! Keep opened product refrigerated and use within 2 days.
    Raspberry & blueberry, Pineapple & coconut, Mango & passion fruit
    330 ml
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